Radan säännöt

It is strictly forbidden to use the track without permission! The payment must be made before entering the circuit. Open training session organized by the circuit company: These sessions are meant only for racing cars and racing bikes. Bikes start at even hours and cars in half hours.  The gates are to be opened and closed one hour before and after these times. Extended gate closing or opening times must be informed beforehand. The emergency number is 112. The address is Tehontie 51, 45200 Kouvola. Information regarding fire- and emergency services are available at our track and also on our website. Safety precautions - Oil, coolant etc. leaking vehicles are forbidden to use on the track. - Glass, mirrors etc. fragile parts should be covered with tape or other. - Only exits to and from the track are the marked ones. - When leaving the track always remember to signal the drivers behind you in good time beforehand. - You should always drive according to the circuit’s correct route, never to the opposite direction - When a leak is obtained in the vehicle, stop immediately in a safe place, inside the curve, and wait for the tow truck. - If you drive off the track, get in a safe place and wait for help. - If your vehicle is in operating condition make sure there are no leaks in it before you drive back to the paddock area. - Learn the flag signs before you enter the circuit - Speed limit at the paddock area is 30 km/h. - Smoking and making an open fire is forbidden in the paddock area. - Vehicles without insurance cannot be used anywhere else than on the track itself. - A helmet must be used when driving, in all vehicles! - The track personnel will assist you if you have any questions - All driving and training is only the driver’s soul responsibility