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It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, the car will offer you the perfect amount of speed, challenge and fun! Crosscart is a great outdoor activity for anyone because there is no special requirements for driving the car. All gear will be provided by Kouvola Circuit. In the winter Kouvola Circuit offers you a ice race track and in the summer the whole track is available. You can drive a crosscart car on asphalt, gravel or ice. Different surfaces always bring their own challenges, so we recommend trying crosscart both in the summer and the winter!


Technical specifications: - Acceleration: 3,5 sec. 0-100 km/h - Engine: 150 hv - Transmission: 6-speed sequential gearbox. - Body: Fiberglass and Kevlar - Brakes: Powerful disc brakes, adjustable pedals. - Wheels: Front 6 "x 10", rear 8 "x 10" - Tires: Front 25 x 8-10, rear 25 x 10-10 - Dimensions: Length 2.6 m, width 1.6 m, height 1.2 m - Weight: 312 kg polttarit kouvola Please contact us for more information!